NAMBOS is an agency for every aspect of brand names and claims. Our portfolio encompasses all services that are necessary for the reliable application of new company names or product names.

Name development

As specialists in the naming process, we develop and investigate company names, product names and name systems that are to be used internationally. Meticulous research on all projects can be taken for granted. Alternatively, our clients can become creative themselves as part of our naming workshop under our moderation.

Claim development

Claims or slogans are always closely linked to brand names and therefore have similar requirements. We develop claims for existing brands and for completely new brand names.

Name strategy

Names have to be communicated clearly and consistently, whether they are brand architecture, a name concept or name system. We develop complex and future-proof naming strategies for external and internal orientation.

Name verification

Before any name can be introduced, the possible potential for conflict must be analysed and assessed. We check names linguistically, assess their effectiveness and carry out trademark research.

Name implementation

Introducing a new name in a company and on the market is a great opportunity, though can also entail certain risks. The internal and external identification with the brand is a deciding factor in market success. We devise the suitable implementation strategy for your new brand and implement it together with you.

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