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Claim development

Alongside an effective brand name, those who want to mark out their territory permanently can achieve this with a suitable claim, slogan or name affix. The basic requirements for good claims are ultimately identical to those for good brand names.

NAMBOS therefore develops and checks claims for product names that will support the communication of your brand.

Good claims fit the brand name

Before the development we will discuss with our clients whether a claim is required for an existing or a new brand name. This does not have to be the case, as strongly descriptive names, for example, are able to manage without supporting affixes. The more abstract the brand name, the more helpful it is to have an explanation in the form of a claim.

Requirements for claims and slogans

The key criterion for a good claim: it has to work. Whether it is positioning, promising, visionary, image-promoting, appealing, promotional, emotional or differentiating, it has to be compatible with the originator’s brand and overall communication.

The following also applies to claims. Alongside maximum creativity, it must be ensured that the new slogan is watertight in terms of trademark and competition law and causes no problems linguistically. This is why NAMBOS checks every creation for existing claims and slogans and for possible negative meanings in other languages and cultures.

German claims versus English claims

A decision must be taken whether the slogan is ‘better’ in English or in German. Even though over the last few years an increasing number of studies have shown that many German do not fully understand English claims, this does detract from their effectiveness or fitness for purpose.

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