Trademark appraisal

Our trademark appraisal will create clarity and transparency for you prior to an extensive name change, helping you to achieve the correct positioning in the market.

There are many situations and reasons why and when a trademark appraisal makes sense. Our naming experts answer questions, such as:

  • What trademark potential does my current company or product name have?
  • Does the company name adequately reflect my services?
  • Should a name modification be carried out? How should I proceed and what needs to be considered?
  • Do my product brands still convey my family brand?
  • Can I expand internationally with my brand name?
  • Do I need a claim for my brand name?

Clear recommendation for action

As well as providing a professional response to your questions, the result of our trademark appraisal is always a specific recommendation for action with a summary of the pros and cons as well as the possible effects of any changes.

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