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Linguistic analysis

Names are statements – NAMBOS’s linguistic analysis will protect you from ‘undertakings’, misunderstandings and mistakes that could damage your image.

During the linguistic analysis we check whether new product or company names have negative associations or meanings in the target countries that would preclude their use. We will also check the pronunciation and sound of any name creations.

Native speakers create certainty

Our international network of partners will ensure security during the linguistic name test. We work solely with native speakers who have experience in communication and marketing and are at home in the cultural environment of your target markets.

Protection from linguistic and cultural faux pas

NAMBOS’s linguistic analysis will protect you from potentially devastating confusion in cultural, political or religious areas. We will not allow you to go down the route of the sports shoe manufacturer Umbro, who christened a new model following the English word for cyclone ‘Cyclone Beige’. The unintentional linguistic similarity with ‘Zyklon B’ ignited huge protests, causing Umbro a significant loss of money and image.

We would probably have advised Lancia against calling a model of car Dedra, which sounds sinister and is associated with death in English-speaking countries.

Impression should not be presumption

Using a sophisticated analysis grid NAMBOS will also check the impression a name makes: does a name appear modern, reliable, bold, like technical perfection or innovative creativity.

NAMBOS explained in 140 seconds

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