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Trademark research

At NAMBOS experienced research specialists will diligently and thoroughly search through trademarks or company names that are already protected, to provide the necessary security when selecting the brand.

The focus here is, first and foremost, to avoid conflicts between trademarks. Name alternatives undergo the market stress test during identity research and checks for similarity, as legally protected trademarks that are identical or similar can cost you dearly. This can be avoided through reliable research.

Why is trademark research so important?

In 2008 alone, the number of objections lodged with the German Patent and Trademark Office against new trademarks stood at 7,612 in Germany. NAMBOS’s comprehensive trademark research will protect you from such costly faux pas.

The breach of third-party rights and potential conflict over your new name can also arise from names that already exist in the market.

Thorough and careful

The following important research service forms part of NAMBOS’s research portfolio:

  • Trademark research
  • Company research
  • Title research
  • Slogan research
  • Trademark monitoring
  • Domain research

Our research experts carry out global research with the greatest care and experience. The research department is supported by an experienced in-house trademark attorney. However, NAMBOS is not able to provide legal counsel due to the legal advice laws.

NAMBOS explained in 140 seconds

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