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Over the years we have developed numerous product names, company names and claims, devised name systems and checked brand names. The following will provide you with an insight into our work as a naming agency.

Development of a new naming strategy and name options

Development of an internationally usable own brand for the non-food sector of the retail giant

NamingWorkshop for E-Mobility

Nambos - ComfortCarge - Naming Workshop für Telekom

Naming of a new dialysis machine

Naming of a corporate division

Naming of new mobile products

Name system for one of Europe’s biggest office furniture suppliers

New company name for a T-System subsidiary

Development of a name for a highly stable glass ceramic

New name for a holistic consultancy concept

New name for Tesa’s green range

New name for an innovative system for learning to write

International safeguarding of the designation ALL4

New name for a fashion portal

New name for a new hotel concept

Safeguarding of new film title

Naming of a fitness platform

Internet portal name

Naming of a savings model for Santander

Name for the European interest community of natural cosmetics and seal of quality

Name development for a designer label

New name for subsidiary companies

Development of names & claims for new product search

Naming of construction software

Covestro releases a new brand onto the global market

New product gets a new brand name

Portal name in the field of life sciences

Perfect name strategy and brand names for perfect products

Strong brand name for a new state fund

Umbrella brand for a lead management system

Name for Europe’s biggest indoor amusement park

Heraeus Noblelight celebrates the world première of its new brand

Developing the perfectly tailored name and claim for RWE

Umbrella brand for an innovative system in the field of diabetes

Development of a name for a portal for scientific publications

Strong umbrella brand for a group of companies

Innovative name for a carsharing product

Nambos - Flinkstar - Namensstrategie und Dach-Markennamen für die Deutsche Bahn

Workshop with Helmholtz Association and Hannover Medical School leads to a perfect company brand

Naming strategy and naming for energy suppliers

Name system for helmet portfolio

Name development for building complex

Name development for subsidiary

Name development for online platform

Name development for intelligent hose systems

New product name for glass production

Naming for electric drives

New own brand for parts

Brand name for online shop

Naming for social media platform

Name for Cluster of Excellence

Name for insurance marketplace

Clever naming for learning app

Sustainable name for sustainable fiber

Name development for comparison portal

New fiber, new name

Intelligent name for Phoenix Contact subsidiary

Name for streaming service

Strong brand name for strong material

With security into space

Connecting brand name for medical technology

Language protection for RWE subsidiary

Fresh brand name for bathroom furniture brand

Safe name for mobility

Umbrella name for blueberry farms in Lower Saxony

Name development for premium dog food

New brand name for fall protection

New brand name for cold box binder

Strong name for new turbine

Naming for own brand

New Group name for Mitsui subsidiary

Name system for the complete product portfolio

Name for international Auerswald subsidiary

New product name for Audio-Innovation

Name development for new generation of dialysis machine

Name system for product portfolio

Name creation for WDR feature

New name for Interior Design Network

Name system for the entire product portfolio

Claim development for farmers in Lower Saxony

Name development for transport company

Name development for international trade fair

Impact test for shopping centre name

New brand name for pots and dishes

Naming for Swiss private bank

Brand name for energy saving system

Brand name for BASF subsidiary

New name for geomarketing specialist

New name for new elastomer

New brand name for fitness program

New book title for German textbook

New name for Heraeus subsidiary

Name development for imaging platform

Name development for cloud technology

Name development for subsidiary of Auerswald

Name development for new textile fibers

New name for small household appliances

Name development for new Edeka private label

Name development for digital fleet management

Name development for Fressnapf

Name development for optibelt subsidiary

Name development for reading platform

naming system for X-ray system

naming for digital marketplace

naming for switches

naming for new pet brand

naming for innovative product

new product name for innovation

name development for a data platform

naming for an innovative car wash

naming for security technology

naming for a digital learning system

naming for a new lighting system

naming for a new audiobook app

strong name for electrical engineering

linguistic security for own brand

new brand for online shop

renaming of Guardian Automotive

name development for new Edeka-brand

secure brand name for alarm technology

name development for financial software

new name for dtc-brand

new name for shipping service provider

new name for a voice assistant solution

new name for a sustainable streaming platform

New name for a regional cooking oil

New name for biopharma container

naming system for new products

naming for a new combustion management platform

new name for a company of the DuMont Group

new name for a company of the Bundesverband der deutschen Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken

Renaming for Greiner Extrusion Austria

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