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By naming we understand the entire process from the consultancy meeting right through to the finished and verified brand name. The result of this process is a new product name, a company name for new start-ups, renames or a name system that can be developed for a product portfolio or pricing structure.

We are able to draw on abundant resources for you. Our international naming team combines playful associative naming development with the systematic selection and emphasis on single names or basic name systems according to your requirements.

A good naming process is a secure one

The best product or company name is worthless, if it cannot be used for legal or linguistic reasons. As an experienced naming agency, we combine the creation of a name with all the requisite research services. Comprehensive trademark research by specialist researchers and careful linguistic analysis by mother-tongue experts in the various target countries are crucial to the naming process.

All services from a single source

All our projects are handled exclusively by our in-house staff to ensure our clients receive the maximum creativity and peace of mind when selecting a name. Trademark research is carried out in our research department by our specially trained professionals. We have an international network of freelance creatives and native speakers in all the relevant language and cultural regions. Tests for effectiveness are carried out at our own premises. We maintain long standing relationships with partner specialists in market research for online name testing.

Naming workshop

As an alternative to names being developed by NAMBOS, we also offer our clients the opportunity to get creative with their own staff in the course of a naming workshop. We moderate a solution-oriented approach in your company, which stimulates the potential within your own staff and ensures that they identify with the result. Obviously we can, if wished, supplement this process with some suggestions for names from our creative wordsmiths.


Nowadays, brand names are no longer regional, but are generally used globally. In order for names to also work in countries which use a different writing system, such as China, we support our clients as they find a way into these linguistic regions. We provide a perfectly tailored transcription to ensure unimpeded access to new markets.

Do not leave anything to chance! Naming is more than creation. The best idea is one that can also be realised.

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