Test for effectiveness

How well does my name suit me, my product and my target group? In the test for effectiveness, we examine names in terms of associations, impression and acceptance. A good name avoids negative associations, while appealing to the target group.

NAMBOS’s test for effectiveness provides information about whether your name can be used. The naming test provides a fast, valid and cost-effective option for surveying target groups as part of qualitative and quantitative research.

Market research as an aid to decision-making

A naming decision should not be reached solely on the basis of a test for effectiveness. Instead this test offers a basis as a guide and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative names.

Depending on the requirements in the name test our services include

  • Expert opinion
  • Focus group interviews
  • Online surveys
  • Telephone interviews

The potential of a name

Our test for effectiveness determines the key criteria of new and existing brand names. The name test will ascertain

  • The name’s effectiveness
  • Risk of confusion
  • Power of association
  • Power of communication
  • Power of motivation
  • Overall assessment/rankings

NAMBOS explained in 140 seconds

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