The NAMBOS naming workshop will help you to unlock your internal creative potential and find a fitting product or company name yourself.

We will come to your company and moderate a process that will translate the product and company know-how and the emotional involvement of your staff into creative power to find a name.

Professional name consulting

We know what makes up a successful name and will demonstrate at the start of the naming workshop what criteria have to be met in order for a name to ‘work’.

Solution-based moderation

Freely playing with words and associations is effectively moderated, with our experience enabling you to avoid time-wasting blind alleys. We use tried-and-tested techniques in the naming process and ensure that a creative process gets underway and is accelerated.

Efficiency and speed

Naming workshop moderation draws upon the performance and expertise of an experienced team. During the workshop the proposed names therefore undergo an expert verification and research process directly at our agency while the discussion is still ongoing at your site.

Workable results

Through the name search process you will achieve a high degree of strategic clarity about the positioning of the new brand name that goes beyond a name with a verified identity. Furthermore, the decision-makers at your company participate in the process from the outset and will become strong multipliers in communicating the jointly found product or company names.

NAMBOS explained in 140 seconds

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