• Markus Lindlar

    Managing Director
    Creativity & Linguistics

Markus Lindlar (1970) studied linguistics and social sciences in Cologne. A particular area of focus during his studies was morphology, that is, the smallest units of a language capable of bearing a meaning or performing a function, from which words are formed. The question “why are things called what they are called?” and the search for answers to this still interests him today.

After completing his studies, he worked as a linguist for the SK Kultur foundation of the Stadtsparkasse Cologne. During this time, he and his team analysed the language currently in use in the cathedral city, and served as the editor for the documentary record “Alles Kölsch”. The second large project in which he was involved was the compilation of a comprehensive dictionary of Kölsch, which set out new rules for grammar and orthography.

He first entered the world of professional name development in 1999 and, right from the start, was fascinated by the opportunity to give new names, which he himself had devised, to things. In 2005 he co-founded the agency NAMBOS and is now able to look back over many exciting national and international projects. He is responsible for the Creativity Department and is able to indulge his passion for creating words on a daily basis. The agency’s clients benefit from his comprehensive knowledge and experience as they develop their brand names or name strategies.

In addition to his work on names used in the commercial sector, he is also conducting research in the field of pet or nicknames and is a recognised expert. Whether it be the radio, television or printed media, whenever this topic comes up, it is to him that the media turns as an expert.

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