New product name

Nivea introduces new product name “Care”

A new product, a new brand name: Nivea launches a novel cream under the name “Nivea Care”. Hydro-waxes melt on the skin and thus provide long-lasting care without an oily skin feeling. The new cream thus extends the portfolio alongside “Nivea Creme” and “Nivea Soft”. Sebastian Fiebig, head of NAMBOS international, says: “The new name must of course fit into the naming strategy at Nivea. Here, very descriptive names are combined with the Nivea brand”.

The company wanted to involve its employees in the naming process and used the NAMBOS Naming Workshop to do so. Under the guidance of the naming agency, the international participants created and discussed a variety of naming alternatives. In the end Beiersdorf decided to take the name “Nivea Care”.


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