15 years NAMBOS – Naming Strategy Research

NAMBOS was founded 15 years ago, but the NAMBOS directors have been involved in strategic and secure naming business for over 20 years. The foundation of every brand is a unique and memorable name and that’s what NAMBOS core business is.
“Our experience naturally made the NAMBOS start easier and we were able to pick up speed quickly. We have grown steadily over the years and have established ourselves as market leaders in the field of name development. From many global corporations to small start-ups, numerous companies rely on the naming expertise of our teams,” says NAMBOS Managing Director Creation Markus Lindlar.

Over the years, NAMBOS has not only focused on strategy and creation, but also on security. “Our sustained success is also based on our own research department, our worldwide network of native speakers and our in-house brand lawyer, because this enables us to guarantee brand security quickly and easily,” says Managing Director Research & International Naming Sebastian Fiebig.

“At NAMBOS, strategic knowledge, project experience, optimal creation and review competence are the basis for successful projects. But what makes us special is our commitment to every single project” explains NAMBOS brand lawyer and managing director Peter Ströll.

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