Naming strategy for Schober software

The Schober Information Group has been advised by the naming agency NAMBOS for the market launch of its new software solution product.

Europe’s leading marketing service provider helps customers in the international arena to create and maintain profitable customer relationships by providing and processing data. This know-how is now bundled in various software products and offered to customers for independent market development.

In this context, the question arose as to how the naming of these products should be strategically undertaken.
Schober decided to create a new strong umbrella brand for the software offerings that were “outstanding” from Schober’s previous fields of activity. Based on this customer and product situation, NAMBOS developed the custom-fit strategy solution and, within the framework of the name development on this basis, the internationally usable brand name “capaneo”was created.

Capaneo is a rather abstract designation with high brand potential. Markus Lindlar, head of brand name development at NAMBOS, comments: “It makes perfect sense to rely on very independent names for an umbrella brand concept. Because with umbrella brands, the communication power is bundled, but an independence can also be depicted in the overall portfolio. However, the umbrella brand must not be restrictive with regard to certain topics or technologies, but must be able to combine all current and future product ideas under the respective cluster”.

The name “capaneo” refers to the high performance (capacity) and innovative character (neo) of the products. The individual product names are formed by combining the umbrella brand with a descriptive addition. A sample is available for this addition, according to which a uniform designation is made. For example, there is the “capaneo LeadDriver”, a software for lead management. With the “capaneo DataDriver” the customer has a data management platform for individualised customer approach. “This naming strategy enables the use of very descriptive names, as they can be protected in combination with the brand name ‘capaneo’ and can therefore be monopolised by the company”, says NAMBOS lawyer Peter Ströll.

Trademark registrations in Germany in 2018: popular initial syllables

Around 70,000 new brand names were registered in 2018 and that’s only in Germany. About 50,000 of these were registered. 2% of these new trademarks begin with the syllable “Pro”. This means that these three letters are still the most popular when it comes to having a name protected in the trademark register. Of course, it is also a symbol for the positive and professionality, which is used all too readily when developing a name. In the ranking compiled by the naming agency NAMBOS, the syllable “Con”, which stands for terms such as “Consulting” or “Confidence”, is in second place. Also among the top 5: “Med”. This letter composition represents above all “medicine” and “media”.


Personal syllable creates emotionality

Also very popular are personal syllables such as “You” or “my”, which are used in new brand names to create a personal basis between sender and target group. This is also understandable against the backdrop of advancing technology: “Companies in the mobility sector must take their potential customers with them into the new world so that they accept and use the innovative products,” says Lindlar. This becomes visible in the automotive sector: Volkswagen works with “We”, Mercedes with “Me” and BMW with “My”.


Top 25 most popular initial syllables in Germany (2018)


1.     Pro 1035
2.     Con 789
3.     Com 627
4.     Med 626
5.     Ex 527
6.     You 499
7.     Int 488
8.     my 482
9.     On 464
10.   All 437
11.   Sol 388
12.   Dig 371
13.   Tec 366
14.   Bio 309
15.   Ener 308
16.   Vit 270
17.   Eu 247
18.   Sys 245
19.   Net 202
20.   Dat 187
21.   Glo 147
22.   Top 122
23.   Org 120
24.   Trans 112
25.   Nex 93