New name for group division of Deutsche Bahn

DB Rent will become Deutsche Bahn Connect. This group division does not only takes care of “rental”, but will grow into the future of mobility. The company stands for clever and “connective” mobility and offers holistic mobility solutions. The company links its offerings, which range from intelligent fleet solutions to sharing products which can be combined with the travel services of Deutsche Bahn.

“In the future, it will be more important than ever before to combine a wide range of mobility offers in line with demand. Our promise to customers is: Cleverly networked mobility. This is the origin of our new name: Deutsche Bahn Connect,” says Sylvia Lier, the company’s CEO.

This is also emphasised by Björn Bender: “Soon there will no longer be a demand for individual mobility components, but for mobility as a whole”

Deutsche Bahn is therefore positioning itself much more broadly in this innovative area and would like to transport this wide mobility spectrum in a way that is quickly comprehensible, also in its new brand name. NAMBOS developed many different name options in the course of the naming process. The results have been discussed in intensive naming workshops. NAMBOS also carried out the brand research and language analysis so that the company could start with the necessary brand and trade name security.

New name for Duden

Duden has been the benchmark for dictionary quality and correct language for over 135 years. Recently a new digital service has been launched under the name Duden-Mentor. NAMBOS developed the fitting name for the modern helper.

If you tend to write a lot of texts, you always have to take care of grammar and spelling as well. Of course, in the digital age it is no longer necessary to have the dictionary in print form. Now it is possible to have texts checked grammatically, orthographically and stylistically. If you are unsure about German grammar, the new tool ‘Duden-Mentor’ is a easy and safe helper.

Everybody needs help from time to time and Duden-Mentor offers text correction at the push of a button. Beside saving time, you also gain text security. Texts for school, training, university or even your new job – Duden-Mentor helps everywhere.

“The new name is intended to make the ‘helping competence’ quickly understandable for the target groups.
He is the reliable helper who provides very fast support for texts of any kind. Duden-Mentor represents – due to its slightly academic appearance – a high level of competence and support” says linguist and NAMBOS managing director Markus Lindlar.

New brand name for Cevec

Cevec Pharmaceuticals is the leading provider of high performance cell technology for the production of advanced biotherapeutics.
Cevec has now launched the ELEVECTA® platform, a unique technology for the large-scale production of AAV (adeno-associated viral) vectors.

Now Cevec is the first and only supplier on the market offering a technology for the production of AAV gene therapy vectors based on fully stable producer cell lines.
The proprietary technology has been tested in pilot projects with several partners and is now commercially available to pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

NAMBOS developed in an international naming project the new brand name.
The name was derived from the lexical terms element and vector.