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Name development for a designer label

  A new name for the world of fashion: the Fadenmeister brand offers classic, timeless fashion in the premium range. In developing the name, the most important aspect was to express and highlight the fashion direction through an appropriate brand name. As the company commissioned by the mail order fashion house Peter Hahn, NAMBOS created […]

NAMBOS gives a presentation on the topic “Foreign Branding”

„Foreign Brands“ are brands which make use of particular characteristics of countries or cultures in order to benefit from stereotypes linked to these countries or cultures. For example, the brand names chosen for products are associated with particular countries or cultures, but the products for which the names are used actually come from another country […]

Sigmar Gabriel gives the starting signal for COPARION

The new state fund – funded by the ERP Special Fund and the KfW banking group – has access to 225 million euros, and NAMBOS was responsible for the naming process and the development of the international trade name COPARION. It is aimed at companies in the start-up and early growth phases. Private co-investment has […]

NAMBOS brands in the James Bond film “SPECTRE”

Well-known chair manufacturer and NAMBOS customer Interstuhl was represented in the new 007 film “SPECTRE” by its KINETICis5 and MOVYis3 lines – with the KINETICis5 even appearing in one of the main scenes. This is the third time that the high-quality Interstuhl products have featured in an internationally successful series. This is really eye-catching and […]

NAMBOS at Deutschlandfunk

NAMBOS managing director Markus Lindlar speaks in the Deutschlandfunk feature “”Nomen est omen? – How names are created and work” about famous brands, strategies and mistakes in the choice of brand names. The one-hour feature deals with the effect and meaning of names in many ways. A central topic is the so-called “object names”, which […]

Brand decision makers meeting in Munich

Lectures on the topics of “naming” and “naming systems” were the basis for the brand name event organised by NAMBOS. The hall in the Literaturhaus was well filled with over 50 participants from companies and agencies. After the lectures of the NAMBOS naming experts and many answered questions, there was still a long time of […]